Alleviating Neck Pain and Headaches with our Gold Coast Chiropractors at Chiro One

Are you suffering from neck pain or headaches? Statistics show that 15% of Australians experience headaches at any given time, while 20-25% struggle with neck pain. Considering how debilitating the conditions are to even take a toll on your productivity and comfort, it’s good to arrest the pain as soon as signs begin to show up. At Chiro One chiropractic, we help patients address neck pain and headaches through non-invasive, gentle methods, so they can restore their quality of life. Book an appointment with our Gold Coast chiropractors today to start your journey to recovery today.

Understanding Neck Pain, Headaches and how chiropractic helps

It is easy to identify symptoms of neck pain and headaches. If you have neck pain, you will experience pain when moving your head either forward, backward or sideways. The pain can vary greatly, from nagging aches to sharp pain radiating down your arms or even to the legs. The neck muscles may also resort to being stiff, causing pain and triggering headaches.

Neck pain can be the result fromsitting at a desk, repetitive heavy lifting, whiplash injuries, arthritis, disc degeneration or trauma. Headaches, on the other hand, can be associated with neck pain. They can be migraines, clusters, or tension headaches. These headaches are often due to restricted joint movement effecting blood flow and nerve signals to the brain or skull.

However, all conditions can be helped by chiropractic treatment or spinal decompression therapy.

How Our Gold Coast Chiropractors Treat Neck pain and Headaches

Chiropractors use a wide range of techniques to combat the effects of neck pain and headaches. These include:

Spinal Manipulation or Spinal Adjstment

This involves manually manipulating (gentle and manual) the vertebrae in your spine to improve movement and manage neck pain. Research shows spinal manipulation is particularly a great remedy for chronic headaches (especially cervicogenic headaches). Our Chiro One chiropractors provide a thorough examination and diagnosis to then determine an effective treatment plan and recovery to restore your quality of life again.

Cervical Adjustment

The cervical vertebrae are situated at the base of the skull, and they play an important role in supporting the head. If your neck or back is experiencing pain or discomfort, it may be due to problems at this level or elsewhere in your spine. In such cases, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve symptoms by realigning misaligned vertebrae or joints within your spine.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

An advanced technology superseeding traction.  A gentle, specific tension is applied to the neck to stretch and decompress spinal joints.  There is no manipulation and is a great alternative to chiropractic.  Highly effective for sciatica and arm pain, spinal disc bulges, herniations and stubborn neck pain

Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is designed to relieve inflmmation, pain and promote tissue healing.  It is painless with only a slight warm feeling.  It penetrates deeply into the spinal tissues to assist in healing.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Chiro One Chiropractors Gold Coast

If you are struggling with neck pains or headaches, is it maybe time to rty something different?

At Chiro One Gold Coast chiropractors, we delight in helping patients regain healthy living effectively and quickly. We first conduct extensive tests and examinations to establish the cause, then a customized treatment plans based on your status.

Don’t keep popping pills hoping it goes away; reach out to us today and we’ll happily walk you through.


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