Alleviating Your Sciatic Pain with Our Helensvale, Gold Coast Massage Therapist

Do you feel numbness, sharp pain or ‘pins’ and ‘needles’ in your legs, toes, or feet? Does the pain worsen when you walk or sit? If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you might have sciatic pain. Sciatic pain originates along the path of the sciatic nerve. It starts from the lower back and progresses throughtohips, buttocks, and legs. Sciatic pain usually affects only one side of your body, but it can effect both or swap sides.  Massage therapy is a non-invasive technique to ease sciatica pain.

How does Massage affect your deep muscles?

Sciatica pain occurs when a bulging/herniated disk or bone spur compresses the sciatica nerve in your lower back. Our Gold Coast massage therapy is a non-invasive technique to help relax muscles that cause pain. When your muscles are tense, they can exert pressure on your sciatic nerve. Deep tissue, cupping and remedial massage can greatly assist sciatic pain.

Does Massage decrease your pain?

Massage stimulates certain receptors in your brain. These receptors release endorphins in the body. Endorphins act as a natural pain killer in the body. They assist in down-regulate the level of pain in your body, lowering your pain levels.

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How does Massage reduce stress and promote blood circulation?

Our Gold Coast massage reduces the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol in the body. Decreased stress promotes feelings of relaxation in the muscles and lessens pain. Massage also stimulates the blood supply in your skin and muscles. Circulation of blood in the affected area enhances the oxygen supply and nutrients to your cells and thus muscle repair.

Does Gold Coast Massage help with the spinal adjustment?

Sciatica pain also arises from the fixation of vertebrae of the spine. The restricted movement of the spine can compress the sciatic nerve in the body. Helensvale massage helps with spinal adjustments and non-surgical spinal decompression which reduces nerve irritability. By alleviating nerve irritability, Helensvale massage reduces inflammation, muscle tension, and other symptoms associated with sciatica.

How Gold Coast Chiropractors will alleviate my Sciatic Pain?

Our Gold Coast massage chiropractors will focus on affected areas of your spine and body. They will release pressure from the joints and muscles in that area. Our professional chiropractors are experienced in assisting those with sciatic pain using non-surgical spinal decompression

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