8 Ways To Fix Neck Pain and Poor Posture

You’ve woken up with a neck pain and wondered what could be the reason.

A lot of neck pains are related to poor posture. The Gold Coast Chiropractor, Dr. Nigel Nulty explains that neck pain usually arises from the soft tissues in and around the cervical spine.

Dr. Nulty says that nowadays most of us spend long hours looking down at our devices, whether smartphones or laptops. When we work on these devices our head is bent forward, shoulders rounded and the back is slumped which puts us at the risk of aches and pain in the neck. Basically, such position makes our head and neck out of alignment from our spine.

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Dr. Nulty advises that improving posture is the most effective way of fixing neck pains. Here, we are listing few basic tips to follow for preventing neck pain and improving posture.

  1. While working on laptops or PC, adjust the chair height in such a way that the screen is at your eye level, and your forearms are straight and level. Make sure that your feet rest on the ground or else use a footrest. The chair should also have a comfortable back rest to support your lower back.
  2. Sitting long hours in one position can also lead to aches, so try and take frequent short breaks. Simply get up from your desk and walk!
  3. Position frequently used objects at work within easy reach to avoid repeated stretching or twisting to reach things.
  4. To prevent stiffness in the neck, you can do a simple exercise of looking left and right at least 10 times. This you may perform every hour throughout the day.
  5. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, avoid tilting your head to one side or holding it in the crook of your neck. Instead try and use a hands-free device like a headset or an ear piece.
  6. To keep your neck muscles strong, do short sets of strengthening and stretching exercises throughout the day. Exercises such as chin tuck helps strengthen the muscles and pull the head back into alignment over the shoulders.
  7. Most common mistake which we make is to carry a heavy purse or a bag on one side of the body. This uneven load can strain your neck so try and carry light bags and if not possible then use a back pack so that the weight is evenly distributed across both the shoulders.
  8. Most importantly keep yourself hydrated during the day so as to keep your discs flexible and strong.

Poor posture not only causes neck pain but can also negatively impact your productivity. However, the good news is that if you become aware of the activities that are contributing to your pain and posture problems, most can be fixed relatively easily by bringing in simple changes in your daily lifestyle.

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