Sports and Remedial Massage Gold Coast, Helensvale


A combination of chiropractic treatments and sports massage therapy is often a perfect combination. However if you are only looking for an experienced therapist, TOM MCDERMID is who you are need for sports and massage gold coast. You can contact our office directly for $60 – 1 HR REMEDIAL MASSAGE.


Benefits of Chiropractic Sports And Remedial Massage

  • Remedial massage and chiropractic remedies compliment each other. Because both of these require a hands-on approach, the massage can loosen up the muscles, then with the help of chiropractic methods, realignment of joints so that locked joints don’t cause muscles to tighten up again.
  • With a combination of remedial massage Helensvale and chiropractic techniques, you can solve two problems at once. Hence, the recovery time can significantly reduce and effects can last longer.
  • Chiropractic treatment and sports massage therapy Gold Coast is not only beneficial for acute treatments. It also helps in the management of chronic injuries.

Who can benefit from this?

  • Anyone!
  • Athletes and people with neck pain and headaches
  • Athletes and people with sports or occupation related injuries
  • Athletes and people who suffer from repetitive strain injury

The next time you pay a visit to your chiropractor, discuss the options of this combination.  Or you can call our office and arrange an appointment.

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