Relieving Back pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a time of enjoyment. However, pregnancy comes with its own share of problems and the most common being the lower back pain. During pregnancy, a woman goes through various hormonal and physiological changes and this can lead to back problems in the long run.

Dr. Nigel Nulty, Chiropractor, explains that as a woman’s bump increases, postural adaptations increase the back curve and can cause strain in the lower back. He adds that in most of the cases it can be treated naturally with chiropractic.

It has been estimated that during pregnancy 50% to 80% of women experience some form of back pain. The symptoms can range from mild pain associated with specific activities to chronic pain. Studies have revealed that during pregnancy lower back pain usually occurs between the fifth and the seventh month. Dr. Nigel Nuty informs us that women with pre-existing back problems are at a higher risk of getting such pains during pregnancy.

On an average, a woman gains around 10-15kg of weight during the complete term which can lead to discomfort. Dr. Nuty says that by the final term expectant mothers start experiencing irritated sciatic nerves due to the baby’s head putting pressure on the lower extremities. As the center of gravity changes towards the front pelvis, it can put increased pressure on the joints. The stress on the curvature of the lower back and on the spinal discs increases as the baby grows inside the womb.

Here are some warning signs that expectant mums should look out for –

  1. Back pain is constant or progressive.
  2. Numbness in one or both the legs.
  3. Pain in your lower back, or on either or both sides under your ribs.
  4. Any bleeding or vaginal discharge.
  5. Low back pain in the late second or third semester.

Dr. Nulty adds that pelvic pain, sciatica, neck pain and upper and lower back pain can often be effectively treated with chiropractic care. He explains that the techniques used in chiropractic are pregnancy-specific and lower force, hence making them low risk and comfortable for both the mum and the baby.And it is a natural, drug-free way which helps women to improve their pelvic balance.

Learning stretching exercises and adapting to postural habits are also helpful in resolving or avoiding back pain. Dr. Nulty advises expectant mothers to sit without crossing legs and to sleep with a pillow between the legs. He also adds that during pregnancy one should not pick up heavy items to eliminate the strain to the softened ligaments. Most importantly staying active is a must since it keeps muscles toned which will help in keeping the spine and pelvis stable and as a resultant will alleviate the back pain during pregnancy.

So all ‘to be mums’ take care and cherish this beautiful phase of your life.

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