Nigel Nulty has served Gold Coast locals for over 10 years and built a trusted community reputation.  A 1997 graduate from RMIT university in Melbourne, Nigel has an enormous passion for family, pediatrics and wellness care.

After running practises in London, Melbourne, Country Victoria, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, he has settled in Helensvale/Gold Coast at Chiro One Helensvale.  He provides a range of services including chiropractic, applied kinesiology, functional medicine, body scanning technology and non surgical spinal decompression therapy.

‘Everyone must understand that pain and poor health are caused by physical, toxic/deficient, stress related and often repetitive triggers.  People often have no idea that their everyday choices are causing their problems.  Ignoring the little things if often where you get into trouble and flare ups hapen.  My job is to show my patients how they can help their body to heal better and be pain free.   Initially the body is weaker and often needs some help at the start.  My goal is to educate patients to understand the rules of health and how to apply them to take control of your body again!’  – Dr Nigel Nulty (Chiro)

$50 Initial Consultation