Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches Gold Coast


Do Headaches effect your daily life?  Issues with concentration, memory, focus and sleep may all be related.  Some people suffer from occasional headaches which a Panadol may help with. However, frequent headaches are a different story and ‘masking’ the pain with pain killers or anti inflammatories for the long term is not ideal.  It is important to treat the cause of the problem and not just mask it. Chiropractic treatment for headaches Gold Coast is one of the ways to treat this problem.  Locked spinal joints, pinched nerves or tight muscles can all contribute to headaches usually respond well to chiropractic treatment.

What causes headaches?

  • Headaches usually occur due to a mixture of nerve stress signals into your brain. Issues with blood flow to the brain can also contribute.
  • Illness such as cold, fever, and flu can also cause a headache.
  • Emotional stress and depression can cause neck and back pain. 
  • Poor posture can cause strain in the neck and back. Eg: Excessive phone, computer use.
  • Environmental and Nutritional toxins are possible triggers of headaches.
  • Trauma – Whiplash Injuries, Sporting Injuries, Head Knocks, Falls onto neck.

How can chiropractic help with the treatment of headaches?

Chiropractor for headaches Gold Coast can help in the assessment of headaches or migraines. Our Goldcoast headache clinic helps in the treatment of, and can also help in decreasing, the intensity of headaches and migraines. Headaches Helensvale treatment options can include

What will happen if someone visits a chiropractor for a headache?

  • The headache gold coast performs a spinal manipulation and readjusts the spine. 
  • Chiropractors ar trained to evaluate your nutrition as food intolerances may causes headaches also 
  • Functional Postural Exercise is used to compliment spinal therapy to improve posture and give you back control to prevent headaches.

How to find Chiropractors for headache near me

A sudden change in the intensity or frequency of headaches can be very servious. Always consider consulting a chiropractor when you frequently suffer from headaches. It is also important if are continually taking pain medications. 

You can find us via our contact page or make an appointment via our online booking page



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