As an athlete, you will know the importance of maintaining the highest levels of physical fitness in order to perform to your full potential. Injuries and general fatigue can have a huge impact on your overall performance so if you are suffering from aches and pains that are stopping you from competing at the top of your game, you should seek professional assistance. Our insurance approved, remedial massage therapists here at Chiro One can provide various massage treatments including sports and remedial massage Helensvale, designed to get you back to full strength.

Whether you are suffering from a sports related injury, aches and pains or fatigue, remedial or sports massages can bring genuine benefits to your physical condition so you can be confident of getting back out and competing to your highest potential in the quickest time possible.

An effectively delivered remedial massage is designed to:
• Increase blood flow in the affected areas of your body
• Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation
• Encourage your body’s natural healing process

There are four types of sports remedial massage that our fully qualified chiropractors can perform here at Chiro One.


We can deliver a short, stimulating massage around 30 minutes before any sporting event, designed to focus on parts of the body that will be extensively exercised during competition.


After your sporting event, we can administer a gentle sports massage that aims to soothe aching muscles and restore muscle tissue to reduce the likeliness of strains.


If you are currently training, we can provide a deep massage designed to protect your body against extensive training; minimising the risk of injury.


Some injuries are often unavoidable, so here at Chiro One we are committed to reducing your discomfort and encouraging your body’s natural healing process by delivering effective and regularly scheduled remedial massages.

If you want to regain full fitness so that you can get back to competing to the best of your ability, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Chiro One on 07 5500 0631 to find more information about sports and remedial massage Helensvale.